Arko Barman and Brielle Bryan Received Race and Anti-Racism Research Funding

Faculty Highlight

Arko Barman and Brielle Bryan

The Rice University's Race and Anti-Racism Research Fund aims at better understanding and addressing how race, racism, and racial injustice affect society today. "In an effort to support the V2C2 plan to Expand Access, Diversity, and Inclusiveness, we are pleased to announce internal research funding to further the opportunities for policies and actions that will help achieve our goals of creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive university and broader society."

Arko Barman, Assistant Teaching Professor of the D2K Lab, and Brielle Bryan, Assistant Professor of the Sociology department, have been awarded $13,152 funding for their proposal, “Locked out of Place: How Felony Conviction History Shapes Residential Opportunity and Racial Segregation.” Their research focuses on applying data science to analyze how felony convictions affect residential opportunity and leads to racial segregation in large cities.

Congratulations to Dr. Barman and Dr. Bryan! 

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