Socially Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Use AI for Good and Use Good AI

Genevera Allen - AI for Health, AI Fairness

In the recent Rice Engineering Research Talks, Professor Genevera Allen, Founder and Director of the Rice D2K Lab, gave an insightful talk on Socially Responsible AI: Using AI systems for good to solve critical societal challenges.

"Artificial intelligence can be used in many domains because we're collecting data everywhere," said Dr. Allen. "We're collecting data on climate change and energy transition. We can use this to solve inequity issues and other pressing societal challenges. There's an enormous amount of data coming at us, and we can use AI to solve those." For example, in the AI for Health field, Dr. Allen shared her research on using AI and Data Integration for genomics and Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Allen also talked about "how AI can be unethical" in making important decisions, such as healthcare and financial decisions and decisions in criminal justice systems as well as national security systems. How to improve the fairness of AI systems is a crucial part of educating the next generation of data scientists and engineers.

Watch the full video of the talk on YouTube:

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