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Fall 2020 Courses

Advanced Courses:

DSCI 400, Data Science Capstone Lab

Description: In this course, students work on teams to complete a team-defined data science project.

  • Intended for DSCI minor students and non-seniors who have some background in data science and want to learn how to design a data science pipeline to answer questions and tell a story through data.

Course Meeting: 4:00 PM - 5:20 PM on Mondays & Wednesdays

Location: Online & in-person options

DSCI 435 / 535 & COMP 449 / 549, Applied Machine Learning & Data Science Projects

Description: In this course, students will work on interdisciplinary teams to solve a real-world data science project with clients from a variety of industries and disciplines.

  • Intended for seniors (some advanced juniors), professional masters, and beginning PhD students who have advanced coursework and expertise in some area of data science and want to complete a challenging, real-world data science project.

  • Counts as a DSCI minor capstone, Stat senior capstone, MEE capstone, and as an elective for ELEC, COMP, STAT, and CAAM undergrad and grad students.

  • We anticipate having about 15 projects in the fall. These are industry-sponsored (finance, energy, healthcare, tech), community impact projects (government and non-profits), and research projects (working with Rice or medical center faculty).

  • Students can specify project preferences through the course application process at the beginning of fall semester.

Course Meeting: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM on Mondays & Wednesdays

Location: Online & in-person options

DSCI 415 / 515, Data Science Consulting

Description: Students in this course advise clients from Rice and beyond in a data science consulting clinic, learn best practices in consulting, and gain exposure to a variety of real data science problems.

  • Intended for undergrad and grad students (especially PhD students) with advanced coursework and expertise in some areas of data science.

  • Great exposure to practical and applied data science problems with many opportunities for collaborative research projects or further consulting.

Course Meeting: 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM on Mondays

Location: Online & in-person options

Intro-Level Courses:

DSCI 101: Introduction to Data Science (NEW)

Description: Students learn the fundamentals of data science and Python programming while working on teams to solve real data science challenges, design a data science pipeline, and derive and communicate valuable insights from data.

  • Intended for undergrads and no prior statistics, math, or programming experience is required.

  • Gain fluency in basic programming skills in Python with a focus on statistical modeling and machine learning.

Course Meeting: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Location: Online

How to Apply

Students may register for these courses, but your spot in the class is not guaranteed until you complete a course application the first week of class in August 2020 and are placed onto a team. Students who do not meet the course pre-requisites and who did not get placed on teams will be asked to drop the class.


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