Technology & Innovation

Payment Acceleration Risk Model for Small Businesses

Team Members: Graham Curtis, Namanh Kapur, Grace Morgan, Daniel Tang, James Warner, Alex Yang

D2K Team is working with to develop a model that determines the risk that transactions sent from client organizations will default. Knowing an organization's risk of default, our model will be able to selectively accelerate the payments of stable organizations, bringing value to client organizations in the form of greatly reduced payment lead times while extending minimal financial risk for


Sponsor Mentor: Han Shi, Eitan Anzenberg, Sangam Singh

D2K Fellow: Jack Wang

Connecting the dots: How the entire financial world is connected

Team Members: Ye Chen, Seth Kimmel, Ankit Narasimhan, Jordan Pflum, Yifan Zhang

Building upon previous work done to model inter-relatedness of future contracts, we seek to understand market conditions under which such inter-relatedness occurs. This gives us insight into how the futures market operates and allows us to build powerful price prediction models using this knowledge.

Sponsor: Belvedere Trading LLC

Sponsor Mentor: Dr. Andrew Wendorff

D2K Fellow: Weilie Nie

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dan Kowal

Cross-Community Comparison of Fire and Emergency Medical Services

Team Members: Toby Han, Sue Kim, Augi Liebster, Matthew Mutammara, Chris Yum

Our work aims to organize fire departments into cohorts based on demographic/incident factors via statistical clustering methods. This context will allow departments to compare how well they provide services to their communities and explore ways that similar departments have improved their operations and outcomes.

Sponsor: Intterra

Sponsor Mentor: Brian Collins, Molly Hausmann, Jason Posthuma, Amy Ehm

D2K Fellow: Daniel Bourgeois