D2K Capstone Projects

Fall 2020

D2K Capstone Project Sponsor - NOV

Project Title: Anomaly & Data Quality Detection for Oil & Gas operations using Deep Neural Networks


Description: In this project, we developed a fast, scalable, robust, and interpretable unsupervised anomaly detection algorithm for a historical drilling rig sensor dataset using machine learning and deep learning models. 

​Team Members: Ye Tian, Mengting Lei, Kyran Adams, Gayatri Sawant, and Kyle Manning.

​Sponsor: NOV (National Oilwell Varco)
​Sponsor Mentors: Jon Walters, Lance Staudacher, Jae Yoon and Tim Williamson
Faculty Mentor: Arko Barman

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D2K Capstone Project Sponsor - OpenStax

Project Title: Closing the Gap: A data science approach to reducing academic achievement gaps among high school students

Description: Our project objective is to preemptively identify students who are falling behind in AP courses. We aim to make predictions that are understandable and actionable so that teachers can intervene early to prevent academic failure.

Team Members: Connor Rothschild, Diksha Gupta, Jessica Wang, Parker Graham, and Stephanie Xie.

Sponsor: OpenStax
Sponsor Mentors: Debshila Basu Mallick and Richard Baraniuk.
Faculty Mentors: Arko Barman and Hossein Babaei.

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D2K Capstone Project - Covid Chatbot

Project Title: UTHealth COVID-19 Chatbot


Description: A Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based conversational chatbot developed from scientific literature that is able to interact with patients to build personalized profiles and actively monitor symptoms and conditions.

Team Members: Weiqi Lu, Emmett Bertram, Alan Ji, Paul Gao, and Hannah Lei.

Sponsor: UTHealth
Sponsor Mentor: Xiaoqian Jiang
Faculty Mentor: Arko Barman

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D2K Capstone Project Sponsor - Intterra

Project Title: Community Risk Reduction and Assessment for Fire and Emergency Medical Services 


Description: Population features can be used to inform proactive community risk reduction (CRR) efforts to minimize fire and medical emergencies. Team Intterra identified these key risk factors by assessing and analyzing emergency incident data across many geographies in a large-scale effort to maintain healthier and safer communities. 

Team Members: Patrick Kidd, Angela Lin, Emily Wang, Ray William, and Sean Zhang.

​Sponsor: Intterra
​Sponsor Mentors: Kate Dargan, Brian Collins, Molly Hausmann, Jason Posthuma, Amy Ehm, and Brent Van Keulen.
Faculty Mentor: Su Chen

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D2K Capstone Project - Cardiac Signals

Project Title: Detection of Cardiac Electrical Instability Prior to Cardiac Arrest 

Description: Babies with congenital heart defects are at high risk of cardiac arrest events, which can be challenging to predict. To overcome this, we develop an autoencoder-based detection method of cardiac signal instability to act as an early warning sign of cardiac events.  

​Team Members: Aneel Damaraju, Frank Yang, Kunal Rai, Chiraag Kaushik, Tucker Reinhart, and Andrew Pham

​Sponsor: Texas Children's Hospital
​Sponsor Mentors: Sebastian Acosta, Mubbasheer Ahmed, and Parag Jain.
Faculty Mentor: Arko Barman

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D2K Capstone Project Sponsor - CSI Compressco


Project Title: Automated Anomaly Detection for Oil and Gas Compressors


Description: We use data science to detect compressor anomalies in order to predict machine failure and improve maintenance schedules.  

Team Members: Ryan Quach, Ken Zeng, Thera Fu, Ali Goodson, and Leo Liu.

​Sponsor: CSI Compressco and TetraTec 
Sponsor Mentors:​ Claudio Castillo, David Locke, and Abhay Maddalwar.
Faculty Mentor: Arko Barman

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D2K Capstone Project - Air Pollution


Project Title: Air Pollution during COVID-19


​Description: We conduct city-level research on both urban cities and comparable rural areas based on latitude and longitude NO2 data applying heatmaps, GAM model and broken-stick model to see how NO2 level changes during COVID-19. 

​Team Members: Lihan Wu, Hoai Nam Nguyen, Mengjia Jiang, and Adam Gurin.

​Rice Faculty Sponsors: Daniel Cohan and Daniel R. Kowal.
Faculty Mentor: Su Chen

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D2K Capstone Project Sponsor - Houston Fire Department


Project Title: COVID-19 Impact Analysis on EMS Services


Description: We are analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on EMS services for the Houston Fire Department to help improve decision making during the current Pandemic.

​Team Members: Aaryan Jadhav, Joseph Duffey, Rosemary Yang, Benjamin Glotzer, and Arisa Sadeghpour.

Sponsor: Houston Fire Department
Sponsor Mentors: Leonard Chan and Chris Souders
Faculty Mentor: Su Chen

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D2K Capstone Project - DeepHeart


Project Title: Post-Operative Arrhythmia Detection in Pediatric Cardiac Patients


Description: To develop a novel patient monitoring system for the detection of arrhythmias by combining features of ECG, central venous pressure (CVP), arterial blood pressure (ABP)), and pulse oximeter or photoplethysmogram (PPG) waveforms in children with congenital heart disease (CHD).

Team Members: Yiwei Zhu, Tianqi Ma, Charles Abbott, Paula Rescala, and Ricky Morse.

Sponsor: Texas Children's Hospital
Sponsor Mentors:​ Sebastian Acosta, Parag Jain, Jamie Waugh, and Craig Rusin.
​Faculty Mentor: Arko Barman

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D2K Capstone Project Sponsor - Baylor College of Medicine


Project Title: Inferring genomic signatures in age-related macular degeneration across different stages

​Description: Our group classifies patients into one of four different classifications (non-diseased, early AMD, intermediate AMD, advanced AMD) based on genomic data from those patients.  

​Team Members: Daniel Christl, Anushi Singhal, and Takahiro Mollenkamp.

​Sponsor: Baylor College of Medicine
Sponsor Mentor:​ Rinki Ratnapriya
Faculty Mentor: Arko Barman

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