Optimize Houston's Emergency Response Fleet to Meet Current Demands.

Rice D2K Lab Student Presents Results to Houston Fire Chiefs

Rice D2K Lab Capstone Project - Team HFD

Claire Wang, a Rice senior studying Computational and Applied Mathematics, presented her D2K Capstone project at the Houston Fire Department on Friday, October 1, 2021. The meeting was joined (in-person and virtually) by Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña; Exec. Assistant Chief: Rodney West, Michelle McLeod and Justin Wells; Assistant Chief, Ruy Lozano; Accreditation Manager, Leonard Chan; and Rice D2K Lab faculty, Dr. Su Chen

As part of the D2K Lab's Data Science Capstone projects for the Spring 2021 semester, Claire and four Rice recent graduates (Sophia Huang (STAT/MTEC ‘21), Victoria Mao (STAT/MTEC ‘21), Marcus Martinez (STAT ‘21), Tianqi Ma (Applied Physics, Ph.D.‘ 21)) worked with Houston Fire Department to analyze Houston's emergency response fleet. The goal is to optimize ambulances and fire trucks to meet modern emergency demands. 

"I was really grateful for the opportunity to take our project beyond the Showcase and present our work to the Fire Chiefs last week," said Claire. "I'm excited that our work will help improve emergency response operations in Houston. It was super rewarding to be part of the discussion on our project's results and implications as well as the next steps needed to enact real change!"

To learn more about their project, watch the 1-min video highlight:


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